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Forthcoming Events

People’s Health Movement Scotland and UK are inviting you to the event ‘People’s Health Watch” Resist and Imagine’ organised as part of the Edinburgh World Justice Festival.

The event will be held on Friday 16th October at 12-1.

You can register here Meeting details
This will be a participatory event to explore and build health equity through resistance and imagination. Come and join us!

For more details, please visit The Peoples Health Watch

Peoples Health Movement Conference

Web sites and links of interest

The UK Charter for Health This Charter resulted from a national conference in Birmingham in 2016. It sets out what is needed to achieve good health for all and offers suggestions for short, medium and long term actions.

'BMA's historic mistake on White Paper'- read an open letter to Dr Hamish Meldrum, Chair of the BMA Council, criticising the BMA's stance on the NHS White Paper 'Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS'

The inspiration for UK Health Watch 2005 came from Global Health Watch.  PoHG's report complements a global equivalent initiated by the People's Health Movement and Medact.

Concerned about what's happening to the NHS? Then join with others to Save our NHS!

For a lively analysis of current health and health care issues go to: Health Matters.

Find out more about the increasing concern in the USA about the growing inequalities in health there, and the media based campaign that is being focussed on this issue. Go to:

Oxfam have an excellent publication "The urgency of now - a small book about the madness of inequality and poverty " available to download here. This is part of Oxfam's main book "From Poverty to Power", also available to download at their publications website.

Join Us

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PoHG welcomes individual and organisational members from any background related to the politics of health.

  • PoHG aims to attract a wide range of support from diverse groups and individuals.
  • PoHG will operate as a networked association for people concerned about the impact of politics on current health and health care issues and the future well being of all

If you want to join PoHG contact us at:

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Donate to PoHG click here

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