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Contacting the Politics of Health Group

PoHG welcomes individual and organisational members from any background related to the politics of health.

  • PoHG maintains an active and lively email list system.
  • PoHG aims to attract a wide range of support from diverse groups and individuals.
  • PoHG will operate as a networked association for people concerned about the impact of politics on current health and health care issues and the future well being of all.

If you want to join PoHG contact us at:

PoHG wants to keep UK Health Watch up to date. We intend to make it a 'living' document and so we welcome articles, comments and observations on how politics is influencing health and health care in the UK. We particularly welcome contributions on mental health, race and gender issues. We would especially like to hear more about experiences in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For more information contact PoHG at:

PoHG is supported entirely by volunteers and voluntary donations. If you would like to help with a donation please contribute using the following link.

Thank you

If you have any comments or problems with this web site please email us at:

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Speaking Out on the Health Impact of Politics

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Speaking Out on the Health Impact of Politics