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The Politics of Health Group Charter

Creating the circumstances in which people can sustain their health and live fulfilling lives is one of the most important political responsibilities. Politicians and policy makers must place at the heart of their work the development of policy that improves health and narrows the health gap between rich and poor.

The Politics of Health group holds that the following are the essential basis of everyone's right to good health.

  • The opportunity for good health is the fundamental human right
  • It is the responsibility of governments to strive for equitable social, economic and environmental conditions in which the health of all can thrive
  • Governments have a fundamental responsibility to ensure that the health of their populations is their first priority in the formulation of all policy and intervention strategies
  • People have a fundamental right to be informed and engaged in the development, delivery and review of policies and interventions aimed at sustaining and developing their health. People also have the responsibly to engage in collective action that enhances health
  • Economic policy should prioritise health and sustainable development as two interrelated and mutually enhancing fundamental goals
  • People have the right to and should be supported in developing loving, supportive and, respectful relationships
  • Everyone has the right to good health regardless of class, race, culture, religion or belief system, physical or mental ability, age or sexual orientation
  • Governments have a fundamental responsibility to ensure universal, equitable access to high quality health care, education and other services according to people's needs and not their ability to pay
  • Work in or out of the home should be free from hazards to health and supported by adequate childcare. Work should not reduce people's right to experience a balanced and rewarding life
  • Everyone has a right to an income that provides the material means to remain healthy
  • People need homes that are safe, warm, dry, secure and affordable
  • Safety, peace and security are fundamental necessities for health; governments and individuals have a responsibility to ensure that people can live their lives in an environment that is peaceful and safe
  • Everyone has the right to food that is safe, nourishing, affordable and widely available and is produced in a way that does not exploit others or degrade the planet
  • Transport should be safe and available at a reasonable cost. Transport policy should encourage fuel economy and a cleaner environment
  • People must be protected from dangerous pollution, radiation and other forms of environmental hazards. People also have the right to clean safe water and disposal of waste
  • People have the right to health education which provides the information and support necessary to keep healthy and to give the confidence and resources to tackle the causes of ill health


  • Health is 'the' fundamental human right
  • It is our collective responsibility to reduce poverty, inequality, social exclusion, exploitation, violence and injustice, which are the roots of ill health and premature death

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